Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well Hello there. .

Its been a while. I know I know. I just don't have a clue what to blog about. Our lives consist of The Utah Jazz, Our dog, and our favorite tv shows? All is well at Church, we like our callings and love our ward. I am finally done with School, yes I will soon be a Master Esthetician. I am not sure how many people actually know what that is, but its sounds real cool. A lot of our conversations consist of where we want to move, jobs, etc. I think right now we are at a turning point and want to move on with life. We are ready for the next phase of life. Well, at least we think we are!
Welp... I dont know what else to write about.. see Lisa.. I really am boring.. thats sad..What should i write about? Well I do have a nice Jazz Jersey on.. Josh made me put it on for the Jazz game..haha. Oh and Friday night we went to the Rodeo. I always have mixed feelings about those rodeos.. I love animals and it kinda makes me sad to see them in that situation. I also fear for those dang cowboys. Its a close call every time they ride out on those bulls. ahhh I cant watch. Anywayz.. I cant wait for the warm weather. I need it in my life! Thats all for now! I am off to watch another Jazz game. Its important :)


  1. I love your posts. :) Keep them rolling. Everyday life is fun to read about. I love that you are wearing a jersey. I also am totally with you when it comes to rodeos. I have only been to a few and I think I am done. They make me feel sick. Those poor animals. Although I don't worry too much about the cowboys they're the crazy ones climbing on the bulls and once again the poor animals. I'd be bucking too. :) Hopefully we can see you guys soon. Go Jazz!!!

  2. I am glad someone enjoys them! I hope you guys are still doing well! and that Ryan is doing better. Hope to see you all soon. and YES go jazz !

  3. Hey girl! It was so fun to see you at Lisa's yesterday and catch up-you need to update your blog :) we should get together again soon!