Monday, January 25, 2010

ALohA :)

Yes i havent posted in forever...
Im just not sure what I would write!! Christmas was great but I hardly got any pictures. We had a fun time. Church is great, our doggy is great. A little on the chunky side but once it gets warmer we will make sure he gets outdoors more :) Our friends lisa and brandon are moving to Australia (tear) for a couple of years. I;m kind of sad because i know i cant just see her whenever. But she will be back! we will miss you!! We have also taken up bowling :) Tuesday and Thursday nights its only $2.00 a game. Sweet deal, so i am going to get really good and try to beat josh every time. I got my wisdom teeth out and it was an ordeal for me. It took at least a month for me to recover, and finally i was put on antibiotics after dealing with so much pain for weeks. I am now officially better. :)I thank prayer and blessings for it, i wont take my life for granted again, i swear! Josh is still working and its slowly getting busier. I am almost done with School!!!! yay hooray for me I will be an official MASTER Esthetician :) I will be taking the state boards in a month or less. Kinda scary but i am just ready to be done so i can make some money. So... no children, yet! Just living it up!


  1. Happy two year anniversary you two lil love birds! We just got into Perth, and have major jetlag.... it is about 4:00 in the afternoon here, which is 1:00 in the morning your time. Wish I was sleeping, but since I cannot, I'm blog surfing. Love you!

  2. It's fun to have an update! I'm glad you are feeling better. We may give you guys a call this next weekend and come and visit you if you are around. We will be up in Logan. Talk to you soon.


  3. hey sugar thanks for the update. i hope the baby making goes well ;)

  4. You need to update your blog... you have followers that are anxiously waiting!