Monday, October 19, 2009

WARNING, due to the bloodiness of this Picture, Discretion is advised :)

It might be a little late to post this but I dont think anyone really got to see Josh's nice laceration from his wakeboarding accident, so i thought I'd let you in on what the ER visit was like. It was farrrrrrrr too long. and far too expensive might I add. I didnt know ten staples would be so much money. If we had known,we might have considered not going.(jk) All I can say about his accident is that for weeks I kept thinking how grateful I was that nothing more happened. Sometimes when things happen like that you dont realize how much you take for granted. Im sure glad he is ok, because my life wouldnt be half as exciting without him :)


  1. That's horrible! I'm happy he is okay and hope he will heal quickly! ERs are never fun AND I agree...they are TOO expensive!

    I know that we weren't the closest friends but you were SO nice to me, Paige. I found your blog through Shannon and I wanted to know if it was okay if I put your blog on my blog list? Let me know.

    If you want to read my blog I will have to send you an invite. Because I don't have your email, go ahead and email me at: cynster13 AT hotmail DOT com if you want an invite.

    You seem VERY happy! :) You have always had a positive enthusiasm around you that is contageous! :)(That's an awesome talent).


  2. Hey I wondered where you went its good to talk to you and yes of course follow my blog that would be awesome